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The Legal Services of Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law

Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law provides a wide range of criminal law services on behalf of adults and juveniles in the Coachella Valley. The founders of the firm, attorneys Dean Benjamini and Emily Benjamini, are experienced criminal defense attorneys. Dean Benjamini retired from the firm in 2013, and Emily Benjamini carries on the firm’s tradition of exceptional representation.

The firm handles criminal law matters ranging from DUI and other serious traffic offenses, to felony assault and murder. Some of the criminal law matters handled by the firm include:

  • DUI/ drunk driving/ traffic violations: The firm has extensive experience defending clients charged with DUI and other serious traffic violations.
  • Theft/ robbery/ burglary: The firm handles all theft-related offenses, including shoplifting, retail theft, auto theft, robbery and burglary.
  • Murder: No case is too complex for the firm. If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter or another serious felony offense, Emily A. Benjamini, Attorney at Law can help.
  • Assault & domestic violence: If you have been arrested for assault or domestic violence, the firm encourages you to contact its law office in Palm Desert, California.
  • Gang crimes: The firm know how to handle charges involving allegations of a gang crime, and handles all gang-related allegations, including cases related to drugs, weapons, violence, thefts, assaults and other types of gang-related activity.
  • Juvenile crimes: The firm handles all juvenile crimes, including drunk driving, drug charges, theft, assault, property crimes and others.
  • Drug offenses: The firm handles all drug cases, including drug charges related to possession, trafficking, transportation, distribution, manufacture and sales
  • Weapons charges: If you have been charged with illegal gun possession or another weapons charge, the firm can help.
  • Arson: The firm aggressively represents people charged with arson.

Felony Crimes: 3 Strikes Rule

In California, defendants who have strikes on their criminal record face the possibility of 25 years to life in prison. The firm’s attorneys consider the future impact of a conviction that counts as a strike. In cases in which a client is facing a third strike offense, the firm is not afraid to take a case to trial to seek an acquittal.

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